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Court-Appointed Attorneys in Clackamas County,  Oregon

Defending the accused,

to ensure the rights

and freedom of all.

Clackamas Indigent Defense Corporation

CIDC Attorneys for Court-Appointed Defense

Clackamas Indigent Defense Corporation is a State contracted consortium of independent lawyers dedicated to the common goal of providing high quality defense for the accused in Clackamas County, Oregon. 


CIDC attorneys maintain separate offices and provide legal services directly to their appointed clients. 

Our attorneys are highly skilled and experienced.  CIDC lawyers are well qualified to handle all levels of criminal cases from probation violations to the most serious major felonies.  As well as accepting court appointed cases, most of our attorneys maintain private practices and take on retained cases in Clackamas County and nearby jurisdictions. 


CIDC attorneys regularly appear in Clackamas County and have strong working relationships with the local Bench and District Attorney’s Office.  Many judges describe CIDC lawyers as the best lawyers who appear in front of them.


If you qualify for a Court Appointed Attorney in Clackamas County, one of our skilled lawyers will be appointed to handle your case directly.

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